Should I work in Big 4 Valuations? – Work-life reality, exposure & exit opportunities

In this mini-series, we explore some of the most talked about Accounting & Audit exit opportunities to uncover what work-life reality is really like, what it can do for your career trajectory & the available exit opportunities. Articles in this mini-series include:


In this article, we’re covering Big 4 Valuations – a subset of the Big 4 Transactions Services (TS) division.


Have you ever wondered:

  • What Valuations is actually all about?
  • Is it just glorified Accounting & Audit?
  • How is it different to Investment Banking/M&A?
  • What clients, teams, senior partners etc. will I get exposure to?
  • What is the work-life reality like?


Let’s start from the top…


Why does the Valuations team exist?

Corporates and PE firms often don’t have the spare capacity (at the Analyst-level) to develop detailed financial models / valuations when engaging in M&A activity, yet valuations are crucial to having a good understanding of whether the price you’re offering when buying (or receiving when selling) a business/asset represents good value for money.


This is where the Big 4 Valuations team comes in.


Depending on the size of the client, the in-house Corporate Development / M&A team may “own” the valuation model and the Big 4 team will purely provide input & analysis into it, or sometimes this task & ownership will be outsourced completely (often when the client is of a fairly small size).


Note that very large corporates will even have their own Finance / Valuations team in-house, and thus Big 4 team involvement will likely be restricted to Financial Due Diligence.



Work life reality & client/senior exposure

  • Inputs provided by the Big 4 Valuations team will more likely than not be from a purely-financial perspective.


  • Operational and commercial analysis is best held by subject-matter / industry experts, which the client will either have in-house or will seek in-depth advice from industry-specific external consultants, rather than the insights the Big 4 teams would be able to provide.


  • The degree of “strategy” you will be exposed to very much depends on the client’s internal capacity and how much they are willing to outsource to the Big 4.


  • Despite your involvement in “M&A”, the Big 4 Valuations team is not an M&A team, and you will not get exposure to every step of the M&A process. Clients will bring you in when necessary and will keep the majority of information to themselves (including involvement in the negotiations with the third-party).


  • Your Partner/Director will hold the relationship with the client predominantly, although you’ll likely attend meetings and have a point of contact within the client’s own M&A/M&A Finance team (depending on size of the corporate).


  • You’ll develop very strong Financial Modelling skills, and the role is certainly a step away from the accounting & auditing realm, however as mentioned, your involvement will be limited to the financial aspects of the deal i.e. not the strategic/commercial/other aspects across the entire deal lifecycle.


  • Hours will be as long as pure Investment Banking and you’ll be expected to be on call to client needs (think: 9am to 1am), but without the pay perks.


This mini-series intended to give you a quick and dirty overview to some of the most talked about Accounting & Audit exit opportunities. This particular post covered Big 4 Valuations – a subset of the Big 4 Transaction Services (TS) division, with other roles coming soon!


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