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Want to land (and master) more strategic and commercial roles?

Learn how to upskill beyond your technical accounting & audit background.

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At some point, most Accountants develop a longing to move into something more strategic and commercial

It's a natural evolution to want to get out of the audit & regulation weeds and gain exposure to broader business operations, strategy, and commercial decision-making.

Where to? Accounting and audit exit options

Post accounting exit options

Yet it's a struggle to get your foot in the door and develop the confidence to deliver value from day one

  • Recruiters sending you vanilla accounting roles you’re not interested in but don’t want to pigeon-hole yourself?
  • Can’t shift away from being perceived as a “reviewer”, rather than an “executor”?
  • No idea how to demonstrate commercial mindset, coming from a technical accounting background?
  • Need to ensure your accounting skill set is future-proofed in an AI world?
  • Perhaps you lack the confidence & intel needed to translate your accounting experience to a commercial setting and deliver value from day one?

But, there's only one real way to get there…

You need to immerse yourself in strategic & commercial best practice

Most people wrongly focus on their existing technical accounting experience

How is my technical accounting expertise useful

But it’s really hard to prove commercial mindset / acumen coming from a technical background

  • Talking too much about accounting regulations on your CV / Resume places too much focus on your technical accounting skills
  • Recruiters know it’s impossible for existing accountants to gain the full extent of the required commercial skills in their current role
  • “Work shadowing” others is insufficient as proof of your skill development
  • Lengthy certifications (e.g. CFA) still don’t give you the skills required to deliver in a commercial role, and in fact enhance the technical side of your experience – the exact opposite of what you want
  • It’s often too slow a process to learn on your current job or complete extended qualifications, meaning you leave it too long to move into your new career and pigeon-hole yourself

Instead, you need to build hard commercial skills to prove you can translate your accounting background into a commercial context*

*and future-proof your skill set for an AI-world!

  • Don’t sit around waiting for manager approval and promised commercial & strategic opportunities that may never come.
  • Position yourself ahead of peers who are overly focused on the technical aspects of their CV / Resume or wasting time on technical qualifications (e.g. CFA)
  • Take the fear away from financial modelling and other case studies put in front of you by developing a comprehensive understanding of the thinking behind them
  • Show you took the initiative to future-proof your skill set (even if your employer won’t) with generative-AI forecast to significantly reshape the industry
  • Learn the best practice commercial execution and complete skill set required to add value in the role from day one (and even outshine those there already!)
Expert designed course on commercial finance & strategy

Expert designed course on commercial finance & strategy

It’s why we designed this online course just for you

We started TheSwiftExit due to the total lack of trustworthy, tried-and-tested advice and insider-insights to help accountants at any stage of their career.

Our most requested feature (after Exit Options | A guide to the landscape) was for a concrete way for accountants & auditors to upskill that would enable a shift into more commercial & strategic roles

Now we’re giving you the asset you need!

The first and only course built specifically for accountants & auditors seeking to transition into commercial or strategic roles

Expert designed course on commercial finance & strategy

Our Commercial Finance & Strategy – Principles and Execution online course was created from the culmination of our own front-line commercial & strategy experience, learnings from thousands of coaching sesssions we’ve given ex-accountants & auditors, alongside recruiter and expert insights

You’ll learn everything you need to break free from core accounting tasks like auditing, financial reporting, and compliance and gain exposure to broader business operations, strategy development, commercial decision-making, and more…

This course is NOT simply theory.

You’ll delve into the best-practice principles AND executional excellence required to help you nail the role and add real value from day one

See below for more detail, incl. course modules

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“One of the most impressive finance team members in our startup portfolio”
– VC investor talking about one of our students

A white-glove walk-through of commercial finance & strategy, straight from the experts

High quality expert content and insider insights to put you ahead of the pack and fast-track your career beyond accounting & audit

10+ hours of top-tier expert content
In-depth case study & financial modelling
Anytime, anywhere online access
Lifetime access to course materials
Course certificate upon completion

Expert designed course on commercial finance & strategy

Become a Commercial Finance & Strategy pro
10+ hours of content incl. financial models, in-depth case study, written guides, and more

Showcase your “commercial mindset / awareness”
Certification + detailed case study help prove your prowess and pivot your career quickly away from technical accounting & audit

Deliver real value in your new strategic / commercial role from day one
Gain the skills, confidence & execution insider-insights you need to “hit the ground running”

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Everything you need to transition towards commercial finance & strategy roles, and “hit the ground running” on day one

  • Gain exposure to broader business operations, strategy development, commercial decision-making and best-practice finance execution
  • We’ll arm you with a toolkit full of actionable advice, tactics, case study, financial models and frameworks to immediately put into practice and help you contribute strategically
  • Effectively translate your technical accounting skills into a commercial context
  • Sharpen your commercial thinking with an in-depth case study, learning from the top commercial minds, start-ups and corporations
  • Master your interviews: Get recruiters (and your colleagues!) impressed by your commercial acumen and actually excited to put you forward for interesting roles

This course is perfect for

For individuals interested in applying to commercial finance & strategy roles e.g. Transaction Services (TAS), M&A / Corporate Development, Financial Due Diligence (FDD), Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Project Accountant, Commercial Analyst, Commercial Manager, Financial Analyst, Business Analyst, Finance Business Partner, etc.

For existing accountants & auditors looking to bridge the gap between their in-practice experience and more hands-on operational execution (e.g. within a start-up, corporate or VC/PE firm)

For domain / technical experts stepping up into their first business role or ownership of a P&L wanting to better understand commercial & finance execution of decision-making

For new joiners to commercial / strategy teams wanting to make an impact from day one

“Honestly, this course did wonders for my confidence. Not only did I actually enjoy my commercial finance interview and case study presentation, but I regularly refer back to the course content now that I’m in the role.”
– ex-Audit, Big 4 – Sydney, Australia

Expert designed course on commercial finance & strategy

What you get – and what the Commercial Finance & Strategy – Principles & Execution course will do for you…

Gain a genuine understanding of what commercial finance & strategy is and how it interacts across the business

Master the process of strategic planning and goal setting

Understand the drivers of real business value and profitability

Take the fear away from financial modelling and case studies by delving into key KPIs (incl NPV, IRR, payback, gross profit margin, EBITDA, performance ratios) and the commercial thinking behind them

Know how to interpret the external landscape (customers, competitors, market and industry dynamics, climate, etc)

Balance internal capabilities and readiness with opportunity (e.g. through business partnering, capital resource allocation, product / portfolio prioritisation, data analysis, operational drivers / KPIs etc.)

Assess organic commercial opportunities (e.g. revenue growth, product, pricing & cost efficiency drivers)

Assess inorganic commercial opportunities (e.g. partnerships)

How to develop extensive budgets and forecasts through cross-functional collaboration

Create and deliver highly effective investment cases and gaining buy-in for strategic initiatives

Develop an eye for managing risk in commercial & strategic decision-making

Learn how to create and deliver powerful business investment cases, conveying financial insights effectively to gain buy-in for strategic initiatives

Effortlessly sync stakeholders across the business for high impact, including collaboration, influencing and communication frameworks & tips you need in your back pocket

Get to grips with how to present to senior leaders and get buy-in for your commercial projects

and more…!

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Our detailed module overview – here’s what you’ll learn

High quality expert content curated specifically for expanding your career beyond accounting & audit

  • 1
    Module 1 | Introduction – What is Commercial Finance & Strategy?
    • Overview of commercial finance & how it interacts across the business
    • The commercial mindset & core principles
    • Levelling up your strategic & commercial thinking (the core skillset required/tools/frameworks)
    • CASE STUDY – Introduction to new product launch case study we will work through in the course
  • 2
    Module 2 | Setting yourself up for success in the Commercial finance role
    • Understanding the drivers of business value and profitability
    • Nailing the foundations of commercial finance, before getting creative
    • Working with stakeholders. What do they really care about?
    • Building a Conceptual Model to analyse projects
  • 3
    Module 3 | Execution – Shaping the strategy & identifying commercial opportunities
    • Analysing the external business landscape incl. customer segmentation, competitive positioning, market trends, economic climate, etc.
    • Understanding internal organisation readiness & the art of balancing what customers want vs what you can deliver commercially
    • Overview of organic approaches to growth (e.g. product, pricing & promotion strategies in context of margin %, new product launches, cost analysis)
    • Overview of inorganic approaches to growth (e.g. partnerships)
  • 4
    Module 4 | Execution – Shipping the strategy & financial modelling execution
    • Master the craft of building high-impact financial models
    • Take the fear out of financial modelling – what makes a good one?
    • Financial modelling fundamentals (e.g. structure, collaboration, understanding KPIs such as EBITDA, cost-benefit analysis, NPV, IRR, Payback, and more)
    • Key modelling design decisions you need to make – more important than you think
    • Model integrity checking
    • Quick Excel wins to set you apart
  • 5
    Module 5 | Execution – Making solid financial forecasts and projections
    • Understanding the five-phase process of strategic planning and goal setting
    • Budgeting best practices, including top-down & bottom-up forecasting
    • The typical methods of projecting revenue, cost, and capex
    • Managing performance: Setting & monitoring KPIs
    • Analysing project outcomes with NPV / DCF analysis
  • 6
    Module 6 | Execution – Syncing the strategy (across the business / cross-functional teams)
    • How to create and present an investment case & Optimising your modelling outputs for team action
    • Analyzing financial statements from a commercial, not an accounting, perspective
    • Influencing & evangelizing the strategic vision – gaining stakeholder buy-in for your initiatives with ease
    • Bringing the numbers to life with storytelling & data visualisation
    • Simulate the full life-cycle of shaping and executing on commercial finance & strategy
    • Preparing a final presentation to visualise your analysis & influence stakeholders
  • 6
    Module 7 | The Cherry on top that makes you dominate the Commercial Finance role
    • Supercharge your written & verbal communication with this key framework for delivering better presentations
    • How to tastefully inject personality into serious financial decision-making
    • What your boss will be evaluating you on
    • How to manage top concerns of your senior stakeholders
    • The one question you should always ask in your annual review
  • 8
    Module 8 | Download our complete commercial financial model template
    • Download access to our recommended financial model template
    • Only available to our Premium course subscribers
  • 9
    Module 9 | Expert review of your financial model and presentation
    • Get personalised feedback on your own financial model / case study presentation from our team of experts
    • Only available to our Pro course subscribers
  • 10
    Module 10 | Final Assessment and Certification
    • Final assessment / multiple-choice quiz to help you reflect on and assess your learnings
    • Required if you’d like to receive Certification of Completion

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“This is the first time our business has been run like this, due to the finance input. It’s great! It’s hard to assemble a quality finance team, but we’ve got that now, so I am seeing good things ahead”
– Startup CEO on recommending our course to his finance team

Once you’ve completed the course, here’s what you’ll be able to write on your CV / Resume:

Completed “Commercial Finance & Strategy – Principles and Execution” professional training. Gained in-depth exposure to 10+ hours of industry expert insights, global case study, frameworks, and commercial finance execution best practice (incl. budgeting, financial modelling, business case building, communication & influencing stakeholders, and more).

Created financial projections and business case for new product launch. Presented in simulated pitch presentation and scored 90%

Completed case study based on revenue growth scenario modelling for a consumer / FMCG product. Evaluated various product & customer segmentation strategies, projected revenue, cash flow, NPV and payback, and made positive investment recommendation based on desired company KPIs.

Awarded Commercial Finance & Strategy – Principles and Execution Certification, passing final assessment with score above 90% from expert assessors
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Gain official recognition of your training, including 10+ CPD hours with our Certification

Official Certificate of Completion

After completing the course materials, you’ll be eligible to take our Final Assessment and Certification quiz. Once completed, you’ll receive a personalised Certification of Achievement with your full name, course name, and the date of completion.

You can add your certificate to your CV / Resume or use it to showcase your prowess within interviews.

Having an accredited certificate of your commercial finance & strategy skills is often a huge asset for your CV / Resume, and offers a great talking point in interviews.

Certification is included in your course fee.

“This is the best financial model I have seen in years. They obviously know what they’re doing”
– Recruiter on the case study submission of one of our students

Our principles and teaching philosophy

Based in reality
Built by industry experts with extensive real-world commercial & strategy experience. Know that what you’re learning is at the forefront of best-practice and draws from the highest-performing companies and teams.

This course is designed specifically to deliver practically-relevant insights and real-world applicability for you to immediately implement in your work

Cut to the chase
We don’t want you to waste time chasing irrelevant extended qualifications or “off-piste” roles to get where you want to go. Gain 10+years of hard-earned on-the-job commercial expert knowledge in this one course. Efficiency, delivered.

We’ll expose you to a global case study, best practices and the top commercial minds from across many international markets

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