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Want to explore your post-accounting & audit exit options?

We’ve mapped out the landscape for you.

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At some point in their career, almost every Accountant has a desire to move into something more strategic and/or commercial

Transaction Services roles are idolized, and recruiters often mis-sell you vanilla accounting roles often playing on the goal of getting into Private Equity and/or becoming a C-Suite Executive.

Where to?

Yet there are more efficient and effective ways to get out of the finance weeds and up to the top…

Firstly, you need to focus your efforts.

Determine where you are on your career decision-making journey

Structure your approach at any stage of your career

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Most people don’t spend enough time in Phase 1


Careers Choices

Applying for anything and everything gives recruiters the upper hand and leaves key questions unanswered:

  • How to make sure I don’t pigeon-hole myself by making a wrong move?
  • How do I know what is genuinely a “strategic” or “commercial” role?
  • Which roles do I have the best chances of getting (and adding value to) post-accounting & audit?
  • Should I work In-Industry or Advisory?
  • How to approach finding and applying to such roles (i.e. choosing a specialism or sector)?

…but that’s the best place to start!

Knowing the full extent of exit opportunities available to you, how you are positioned relative to them, and the hurdles you might need to jump over, is the most effective way to plan your route in.

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It’s why we mapped out the landscape for you

We started TheSwiftExit due to the total lack of trustworthy, tried-and-tested advice and insider-insights to help accountants specifically at any stage of their career.

Now we’re going one step further!

The first independent insight to the post-accounting & audit career landscape

We’ve combined our tried-and-tested experience and intel (incl. in many of the roles you’re thinking about) with the personalised advice we give countless successful TheSwiftExit clients to create Exit Options | A guide to the landscape – a completely independent digital guide with no agenda other than to help you make the best decision for you, and no one else.

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So many hidden gems in here. No one tells you this stuff!”

Audit, Non-Big 4 – Boston, USA

90+ pages to put you ahead of the pack

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We’re confident that we can open your mind to so much more than where your peers are applying and give you the intel, confidence & tools to fast-track beyond accounting & audit.


90+ pages dedicated to help you avoid pigeon-holing yourself, break into genuine strategic & commercial roles and make the best moves of your career. We cover: 

  • the post-accounting & audit landscape, including the strategic & commercial roles that evolve naturally from where you’re currently sitting
  • the lucrative areas to focus your efforts to avoid pigeon-holing yourself and getting your foot firmly in the door to a strategic career path
  • the very definition of strategic & commercial to help you avoid being mis-sold roles that aren’t actually strategic
  • insider insights to an extensive list of strategic & commercial roles and career paths – discover the work-life reality and career progression
  • the difference between in-industry and advisory roles (e.g. what’s the difference between M&A and Transaction Services).
  • how to approach your long-term career decision making and job searches to get where you’re going efficiently
  • the skills and experiences you’re currently sitting on that can help you actually land commercial & strategic roles.


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There are so many roles I didn’t know existed before I bought the Exit Options Guide and I’m so much more confident on how the whole market works.”

Audit, Big 4 – London, UK

Using this I’ve finally been able to hone in on what I want to do and know exactly what roles/titles to apply myself to.”

Forensic Accounting, Big 4 – New york, USA

Our Guide gives you a solid foundation to your career decision-making journey

Nail the Explore phase and get insider-insights to work life reality

3Es - Explore Exit Options


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Or how about personalised advice from one of our Co-Founders?

We’ve been where you are, have tried-and-tested experience in getting many of the roles you’re thinking about. Let us help you forge your specific swift exit.

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You won’t find a more relevant impactful source of advice anywhere for getting out of accounting and audit. It’s completely changed my mindset.”

– Ex-Audit, Big 4 – London, UK