Exit Options | A Guide to the Landscape


Across this 90+ page digital guide, we give you a unique insight to the post-accounting & audit landscape to help you explore more strategic and commercial career options, and make the best career moves of your life.

Our aim is to give you a solid understanding of the post-accounting & audit landscape to help you push into roles that are seemingly out of reach, whilst still drawing upon the strong foundations your accountancy experience has given you.

“There are so many roles I didn’t know existed before I bought “Exit Options | A Guide to the Landscape” and I’m so much more confident on how the whole market works”Audit, Big 4

“Using this I’ve finally been able to hone in on what I want to do and know exactly what roles/titles to apply myself to. The inclusive 2-week unlimited email Q&A with the Co-founders at TheSwiftExit is also a really nice touch”Forensic Accounting, Big 4

“So many hidden gems in here. No one tells you this stuff!”Audit, Non-Big 4


We created the “Exit Options | A Guide to the landscape” digital guide to cover everything you need to gain a solid understanding of the natural career landscape post-traditional accounting & audit, and to help you make the best career moves of your life. Across this 90+ page digital guide, we delve into:

  • the post-accounting & audit landscape, including the strategic & commercial roles that evolve naturally from where you’re currently sitting
  • the lucrative areas to focus your efforts to avoid pigeon-holing yourself and getting your foot firmly in the door to a strategic career path
  • the very definition of strategic & commercial to help you avoid being mis-sold roles that aren’t actually strategic
  • insider insights to an extensive list of strategic & commercial roles and career paths – discover the work-life reality and career progression
  • the difference between in-industry and advisory roles (e.g. what’s the difference between M&A and Transaction Services).
  • how to approach your long-term career decision making and job searches to get where you’re going efficiently
  • the skills and experiences you’re currently sitting on that can help you actually land commercial & strategic roles.

We’ve been where you are, have tried-and-tested experience in getting many of the roles you’re thinking about, and hope we can open your mind to so much more than the traditional accountancy career paths. It’s our aim to arm you with the tools (and confidence) you need to find a fast-track strategic path suited to your personality, and help you go out and nail it. Enjoy!

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